Aviation Radio Missionary Services, Inc

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The eternal God is thy refuge & underneath are the everlasting arms. Deuteronomy 33:27

Children’s Programming Director

Bible clubs

ARMS Board member

Arlene Cornelius

Randy is the managing director, engineer, program director and ARMS Board member

Sharlene is a teacher and Principal of Harbour Light Christian Academy

Randy and Sharlene Cornelius

Arlene Cornelius - Treasurer

Richard is an announcer and maintenance supervisor

Francina is an announcer, assistant children’s programming coordinator, Bible lesson coordinator, and co-producer of The Joyful Woman program

Richard and Francina Little

Randy Cornelius - President

ARMS Staff

Harbour Light Staff

Please note, more detailed Harbour Light staff biographies as well as contact info is available on the Harbour Light Radio website here.

Willie Thompson - Vice President
former Pastor of Paramount Park
Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Lynn Wiser - Bookkeeper/Home Office

Adam Watt, EdD - board member
Assistant Pastor of Grace Bible Church

Principal of Santa Rosa Christian Academy
Milton, FL

Leroy is an announcer, does tower maintenance, and helps with programming production

Leroy St. Jean