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The eternal God is thy refuge & underneath are the everlasting arms. Deuteronomy 33:27

Children’s Programming Director

Bible clubs

ARMS Board member

Arlene Cornelius

Randy is the managing director, engineer, program director and ARMS Board member

Sharlene is a teacher and Principal of Harbour Light Christian Academy

Randy and Sharlene Cornelius

Arlene Cornelius - Treasurer

Richard is an announcer, producer of “Prayer Time” and maintenance man

Francina is an announcer, assistant children’s programming coordinator, Bible lesson coordinator, and co-producer of The Joyful Woman program

Richard and Francina Little

Randy Cornelius, D Hum - President

ARMS Staff

Harbour Light Staff

Please note, more detailed Harbour Light staff biographies as well as contact info is available on the Harbour Light Radio website here.

Willie Thompson - Vice President
former Pastor of Paramount Park
Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Lynn Wiser - Bookkeeper/Home Office

Adam Watt, EdD - board member
Assistant Pastor of Grace Bible Church

And Principal of Santa Rosa Christian Academy
Milton, FL